NEW BBFA Glasgow Brand Ambassador Alert! Kemi

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August 29, 2017
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September 22, 2017
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NEW BBFA Glasgow Brand Ambassador Alert! Kemi

NEW BBFA Brand Ambassador Alert!

We’re super excited to introduce our Glasgow Brand Ambassador Kemi!

Kemi reached out to us after watching an interview with our CEO on Trinity Broadcasting Network on the Juicy Ladies Show. We love Kemi, not just for her innovative thinking and sunny disposition, she’s super cool and has a heart of gold too!

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Hi, I’m Kemi Komolafe, I live in Glasgow where I work as a Marketer. My passions include my faith, music and making things (all manner of things from home-made birthday cards to hand made beauty creams).

What does BBFA represent or mean to me? A better future starting now and also for the next generation of Black Scots. Progress in the marketplace resulting in more choices and better quality of products available to black consumers on the British high street.

Why did I choose to become a BBFA Ambassador? All of the above! I truly believe in this movement and want to see BBFA revolutionise the beauty and fashion industry in the UK. The time is now!

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