The BBFA is an annual award seeking out the best in product creativity, innovation and performance.


Black Beauty Communications' Black Beauty and Fashion Awards is the first and only award of its kind in the United Kingdom. Celebrating excellence and rewarding businesses in the development and manufacturing of beauty products suitable for use by black and mixed heritage individuals.

The UK beauty industry is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors in the country, offering up an array of brands and talented entrepreneurs creating exceptional products.


BBFA’s mission is to inspire via representation.

To support and encourage entrepreneurship, creatives and innovation.

To celebrate excellence and reward businesses in the creation and development of products
within the beauty and fashion industry.

To inspire conscious thought and leadership in our communities.


  • Ola ~ London
    An applaudable concept indeed. One thousand tongues could not emphasise how fantastic a project this is. Eventually this gap has been identified. Very much required and feel extremely excited with regards to.... B B F A!!
    Ola ~ London
    Ministry of Justice UK
  • Very well thought out project. The black community has needed something like this for a while.
    Christopher ~ Essex
  • Cheryl has worked with me on a number of events and she shows superb organisational skills and acumen alongside a dedicated and consistent approach to her work. The black beauty And fashion awards has been in planning for two years because of her attention to detail and focussed approach. I have every confidence that BBFA is a much needed initiative which will be well receives and no hesitation in recommending that if Cheryl Jumbo is behind it you must jump on the wagon. I cannot wait!!
    Molly ~ Luton, UK
    Chief Operations Officer & Exec Co Director at World Sustainable and Ecological Soutions
  • Fantastic idea. Just love the fact that we can celebrate our own too without waiting for anyone to do it for us. Well done. Really proud of this project.
    Joy Phido ~ Essex, UK
    World of Braids
  • This is such an amazing and unique project! Such a great thing for both black males and females!
    Onyi ~ Essex
    Law Graduate
  • This is an excellent initiative by Black Beauty Comms. The BME community is not adequately represented in advertising and the manufacturers of cosmetics aimed at that demographic also need to sit-up and take note of that demographics likes and preferences. The BBFA will provide a way in which those preferences can be expressed via the power of their votes. Cosmetic manufacturers take note.

    Nnamdi ~ London, UK